Mightylite Pan Carriers


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The mighty affordable... mighty good lookin’
pan carrier.

The ultra light, super-strong insulated carrier designed to truly help operators move hot & cold bulk food more easily has arrived! ML300 only weighs 9 lbs. (4kg) ML400 weighs 11 lbs. (5kg), has an ergonomic 8-handle design, 2-year warranty, keeps food safe for 5+ hours, and costs less... now that’s value!



Carries Easy.


Ultra-light: Mightylite front load pan carriers weigh 60% less than traditional, polymer molded, urethane foam-filled carriers.



Ergonomic 8-Handle Design– Ultra light with 8 convenient handles, the ultimate design for lifting, carrying, and moving in any situation. Mightylite makes moving hot & cold food a lot easier!

Holds Safe.

Load them up with food and confidently hold safe
for hours. Smaller size ML300 holds up to (4) full size
pans, larger ML400 holds up to 6.

Wire caddy organizes & holds cold or hot packs to extend holding times. Insulated partition minimizes empty space or separates hot or cold.


Lasts Long.


Advanced polymer foam construction– EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)
The unbelievable strength-to-weight ratio and ability to absorb impact make Mightylite carriers perfect for lifting and withstanding the rigors of off-site food transport!

Watch Mightylite take a beating.


Mighty Door.


270˚ swing door for easy loading and storage, unbreakable travel latch, built-in door seal, and large 5.5" x 8.5" label holder / white board.

Stacks Secure.


Integrated full-length index features allow for secure stacking during transport or storage.
Thoughtful design prohibits sliding in any direction.


Moves Smart.


Roll with the Mightylite dolly–
Heavy-duty, 350 lb. (158kg) capacity dolly to help transport carriers. Also designed to move milk crates & nest on top of the carrier to save space when not in use.
Strap included.


Transport hot or cold...
or both at the same time!

Carry or roll with the ML300 or ML400. Every carrier includes a wire caddy that is great for organizing quart containers and hot or cold packs.